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Monday, February 21, 2011

Praying for 4 months of bedrest in the hospital (warning, some content may be offensive to some readers)

Over the next few days, I got good at telling when I was having a contraction, but not because I was in pain, I just had learned the sensation at the top of my abdomen, just under my sternum, that felt like someone was lightly brushing my skin and causing goose bumps set the fetal monitor off and thus signified I was having a contraction.  My labor had been stopped, and I was only dilated at 1 cm for a bit.

On the morning of Monday Sept 4th, 2006 (which happened to be Labor Day, that coincidence was not lost on me!), I was feeling generally restless and uncomfortable, and asked for the fetal monitor to be put on to monitor the twins.  The nurse told me that all the moms were complaining that morning because all the fetuses were acting up from the rainy weather.  I was feeling baby A kicking a lot, but not on my abdomen.  I felt it vibrate completely through my uterus and out my vaginal area, as if her little feet were just right there.  The nurse called the doctor who came to examine me, and informed me that he could in fact feel her feet and I was at risk of her breaking my water, so it was time for the twins to come out via emergency caesarian.  Larry and Josh were staying with me that day, but Larry was in the shower.  It was quite upsetting for both of us later that he didn't get to see me before I was rushed off to the operating room.

So the unusual prayers for bedrest in a hospital bed for 4 months (meaning the twins would be full term) was all of a sudden not an option.  I remember all of the hustle around me in the O.R. preparing me for surgery, and all I could say over and over was "it's too early, it's too soon, they aren't ready".

The journey continues, but not tonight.  Good night, and I hope someone reading this finds it as interesting as I am finding it therapeutic.

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